Saturday, October 1, 2016

Striving for Quality

It all started a little over a year ago when I decided it was time to sell my music. At first I approached the prominent Mormon music publisher, Jackman Music, and another market. It was exciting. The owners of both companies contacted me directly. I answered a few of their questions. I sent samples of my music, and then ...

Yes, that's right. Nothing. I sent a follow-up email, and still ... nothing. Not even a rejection letter.

And that's when it hit me. I didn't need the middle man. New technology exists today that allows practically anyone to self-publish their own music. Over the past year, I've done all kinds of research: printers, paper, the printing process, running a business, etc. And now I'm finally in execution mode.

Of course, I could simply start a dinky website and sell my music as pdf's online, but I decided to do better than that. It's true that the notes on the page are the meat of what I'm selling, but if I want to sell, the product has to look good. I must give the customer quality. When someone receives music from me in the mail, it needs to look as if it had been sent by Jackman Music, or by some other quality music publisher.

Instead of the typical office paper, I will be printing on good-quality text paper, similar to what you see in piano books. Instead of my dinky ink-jet printer that prints everything in gray (when I print duplex), I'm going to use a good-quality commercial laser printer that can print nice images on 12"x18" paper. I'm also obtaining a couple of accessories that will help my piano books look more professional. I will also be investing in some targeted advertising.

I'm going all out, but I'm hoping the good quality will help my music to sell. If the customers are happy, they will come back for more.

In a couple of weeks I will launch the company, so come check it out.

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