Saturday, June 21, 2014

Video of the Week: Opus 2

This week, I'll continue by showcasing my own Opus 2.  (Last week I showed Opus 1.)

I wrote all five pieces in 1984 during my 8th and 9th grade years.  I grouped these five pieces together because they sounded to me more "classical" than my Opus 1 pieces.  And again, they show the beginnings of my exploring music.

More about the pieces...

No. 1: Composition -- This one was inspired by Bach.  You might recognize the downward octaves motif in the left hand as Bach uses in several pieces like his Air in G.  I considered this to be my first "classical" piece, and I was proud.  :)

No. 2: Scherzo (starting at 1:35) -- Another Bach-like composition, but faster and a little on the annoying side.  I remember my mother telling me to play something else every time I played it.  Hee hee hee!

No. 3: Dingy (starting at 3:10) -- This one is about my cat Dingy who died.  I was sad, and my mother said, "Well, write a song about it."  So I did.  Now my kitty is immortal!

No. 4: Composition for Organ (starting at 5:40) -- Yeah, I know I'm playing it on the piano.  It all happened one day when we went visiting one of my mother's friends (or was it my grandma's friend?).  She had one of those pedal-pumping organs, so I messed around as I pumped.  As I messed around, I put this together, recorded it, and transcribed it.

No. 5: Rosie (starting at 6:49) -- I had a crush on this girl, and she knew it.  I gave her the nickname "Rosie."  Even though she discouraged the whole thing, I wrote her a song.  Sounds like it belongs in a movie or something.  :)

Enjoy listening!


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  2. Melbach! That Dingy part was touching. like Rosie. Now I can see what emotions can do to the motif and flow of the notes, especially having the pleasure of knowing the composer personally.